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Types of Therapy

Analytical Therapy

Analytical therapy is very helpful to those suffering with phobias, nervous disorders, anxieties, stress, panic attacks and other psychological difficulties. Analytical therapy, with the use of hypnosis (hypno-analysis), enables the client to be free from their psychological difficulties in just a few weeks. Clients are taken through analysis to enable them to find the unconscious cause behind their physical or emotional symptoms. This type of therapy actually finds and removes this original cause of your problem which may be having an immense detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. Once this cause has been eradicated, the physical or emotional symptoms attached to this cause will completely disappear. This therapy is carried out over a period of 8 - 12 sessions.

We can help you overcome something that is inside yourself but outside your own control and by overcoming this you would be in a position to achieve your realistic goals. The effort you previously used to try to control your problem can now be directed towards achieving these goals and will certainly be a benefit to you.

Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion therapy is sometimes only a one off session of approximately 45 minutes. We use positive suggestions to enable the client to focus on the particular problem in a relaxed and confident way. We ensure that every client's need is dealt with on an individual basis, therefore all post-hypnotic suggestions are compiled to give benefit to the needs of the individual client without substituting their particular problem for something different. To enable us do this effectively, we offer a free Initial Consultation. More.....

This type of therapy is very effective when dealing with slimming, smoking cessation, examination and pre test nerves, nail biting, confidence building, relaxation, facial blushing and many others.

Blowaway Technique

This therapy is specifically for treating children. For further information please visit our treating children page.


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