The Eastbourne Hypnotherapy Practice, helping people with anxiety, slimming, weight loss, stress, smoking, smoking cessation, depression, fears, phobias, fears and phobias, lack of confidence, social anxiety, sexual problems, ocd, ibs, using hypnotherapy, hypnosis, in Eastbourne, Uckfield, Seaford, Bexhill, Hastings, Lewes, Hailsham, Sussex, East Sussex UK
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Can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to all.  It can be used to help many different symptoms, from the more deep rooted psychological issues to helping rid ourselves of habits, fears and phobias or even just for relaxation purposes.

Hypnotherapy enables us to deal with difficulties in our everyday lives through a very relaxed state mind.  Very positive changes can be experienced almost immediately after therapy, enabling people to give up smoking and many other habits completely and permanently, very easily.

If you have any other questions or worries regarding the use of hypnotherapy, please call either Roy or Caroline for a confidential discussion or perhaps book a FREE Initial Consultation to discuss the therapy and how it can benefit you, in more detail.

Or perhaps book in for a Relaxation Session, for further information please contact Caroline at



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Stop and Quit Smoking
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