The Eastbourne Hypnotherapy Practice, helping people with anxiety, slimming, weight loss, stress, smoking, smoking cessation, depression, fears, phobias, fears and phobias, lack of confidence, social anxiety, sexual problems, ocd, ibs, using hypnotherapy, hypnosis, in Eastbourne, Uckfield, Seaford, Bexhill, Hastings, Lewes, Hailsham, Sussex, East Sussex UK
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About Us

The Eastbourne Hypnotherapy Practice is run by Caroline Van-der Kieft.

Caroline has undergone extensive training with the Hypnotherapy Control Board and is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Analyst.

She is a member of the International Association of Pure Hypno-Analysts, (IAPH) which was established in 1981. The association is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of Hypnosis for personal development and for the treatment of psychological and emotional problems.

Caroline has also worked extensively on the development of the Personal Life Therapy Programmes and is a founder member of Personal Life Therapy™, which is dedicated to the development of combining therapy, coaching and modern technology.

As a full member Caroline is bound by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics and has satisfied an examination board of her competence to practice in both Hypnotherapy and Hypno-analysis.

She is also committed to the exciting ongoing development into the techniques and methods used within the fields of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and PLT™, with continued research and development into how modern techniques can be used as a natural process to help people of all ages.

  Caroline Van-der Kieft Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist helping clients with  panic attacks, stress, anxiety, fear, phobia, vomit, emetophobia, fear of sick, sickness, choking, gagging, pee, eating, slimming, sexual, sexual problems, quit smoking, cigarettes, stop smoking, phobias, hypnosis, paruresis, shy bladder, stammering, stuttering, stutter, blushing, feeling on the spot, premature ejaculation, problems ejaculating, ejaculating, weight loss, lose weight, insomnia, flying, nailbiting, nerves, weight, confidence, coprophobia

"Being a member of a professional organisation helps me to give my clients the confidence that I am a fully qualified professional therapist, bound by a strict code of practice and ethics and fully insured."

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